Easels – Not Just any easel

I don’t know about you but I am very attached to my tools of the trade, especially my french easels. My first one was back in the 70’s while attending the Maryland Institute College of Art It was a beautiful full size french easel. My husband bought it for me on Mother’s Day. That gesture was more than just a gift it said “I support you as a mother and as an artist” It served me very well until I accidentally ran it over in my haste to make it to class. Shame on me. I still set it up in the studio but never take it on location. I then started using a half-size french easel and have had it for 40 years. That is a long time. My easel has been with me all over the world. It has some bumps and bruises a few nicks but so do I. I have gone from brunette to gray with this easel. So many special memories in my heart and in paint. The nicest thing about painting when you travel is that you always come home with a memory to hang on the wall . My easel is my friend and I wouldn’t trade for the world.


    • Hi Sally, no it did not come with an umbrella. I just use a cheap small umbrella and tape it on with duct tape. take care dear and stay safe in these horrible times.


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