Walk the Walk instead of Talk

I found this blog post from the year 2011 on my website http://www.jeaneansongcomartin.com I still feel the same way today. I referenced a wonderful artist, Robert Genn, who has since passed away. His newsletter “The Painter’s keys” kept me company many a sleepless nights. So much wisdom and great sharing of other artist. Robert’s daughter still keeps the torch burning. You can read it here: http://painterskeys.com/

My Post from 2011: Walk the Walk instead of Talk

I receive the Robert Genn Newsletter which is very inspirational and informative.  If you don’t subscribe you are missing out.  Todays article compares the artist life with the monastic life. In the article Robert says,  “It’s all about the renewal and rebirth of life through creativity……..Art reaffirms life and is in harmony with many universal principles”.

  Although I have never felt quite like a monk in a quiet monastic environment due to a large bustling household,  I have felt the “need” for a sense of isolation and actually am acutely aware that my best work is done in privacy.  “Walking the walk instead of talking the talk” is probably the closest thing to the “secret” of making art. It is one of the most simple yet profound statements. Simply talking about something will never get it done. I have surrendered the idea of being a “famous” artist and have embraced the idea of being simply a “working artist”. I am a humble artist who is well aware of those painters of the past who have walked before me and have so much respect for their contributions. I like the idea Robert proposes “You need a well-regulated, simple life so that you might become both servant and student”. Make the time and keep life as simple as possible so that the working day painting routine can happen. Through the work the creative process can take hold. Without the work there is no growth and the creative spark will die”.

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