Anatomy of a Painting: “Assateague Light”

I have painted on this spot several times. It is at the entrance to Assateague Island State Park. It is a gorgeous natural environment. The painting possibilities are endless. There is the ocean, dunes, marshes and inlets. I was struck by the dramatic light on the marsh bay grasses that seemed to be lit from within. It was a very windy day and I did a small study of the area and took several pictures. The larger studio painting took on another element from the study. I decided to change the composition completely but utilizing the “color” observation in the smaller study. I have documented some of the steps involved in working in the studio from a smaller sketch and a photograph projected on my computer.

Assateague Inlet ‐ Oil ‐ linen panel ‐ 7 1/2 x 16 1/2
Tonal underdrawing using earth colors only and turp
Warm lay in of burnt sienna & sap green and very light cool blue tones with white
Continuing to develop the composition and drawing. I notice that the foreground trees are much too green. Also, remember that the most important feature the distance marsh grasses needed to be heightened in color and chroma.
“Assateague Light” oil on linen (18×24)

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