ITALY DREAMSCAPE: This trip really was like a dream. I kept thinking that I have been here before and in fact, I have in the many many books, movies and art of Italy. I can not believe I waited so long to experience this beautiful country. It is every bit as glorious as I had imagined. Each city is so different in character. Thank you Prof. Christine Rai and Prof. Tiziana Cavinato of FCC and our wonderful guide Nancy from Explorica and a special thanks to my daughter Kelli Summers for making this trip happen. Today is my 70th birthday and I can honestly say I do not feel the age but I did feel my old bones not being able to keep up with the young collegiate group from Frederick Community College who we were with on the trip. The pace was hard to maintain and actually not preferable for an artist, as there literally was no block of real time for painting. I did manage to sketch though and enjoyed recording my sensations in a small sketchbook. A typical day jampacked with every ounce of touring you can think of. ROME: today we saw The Sistene Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, St.Peters Square, the Coliseum, the Forum. Yesterday The Pantheon, Spanish steps, Trevi fountain. Wayyyyyy too much walking but sure got my money’s worth. No waiting in long lines either.January was a very good time to visit because the crowds were fewer albeit a little chilly. I loved it all….Venice, Florence, Rome, Assisi, Sorrento, Verona, Pompeii and Capri. Bellissimo! Will return someday.

Here are a few highlights of the trip.


  1. wonderful!! Birth is everyday for an artist. Thanks for sharing your rebirth of wonder in Italy. Great way to welcome your 7th decade. I went to Italy at age 19. I wonder how I’d react now at 72. Big blocks of Painting Time would be crucial. So I guess you’ll just have to go back to paint (and process while you paint) Happy Birthday!🎂


  2. We should go back together. Rent a villa, hire a magnificent handsome chef and just bask in the light of the campagna and paint all day. Now all we need is some $$$$$$$ You know Renaissance means “rebirth”. I am feeling some of that.


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