Scarlet Geranium

Continuing with the theme of the geranium. I really enjoy the challenge of painting this flower. I have lightly stained the canvas with a warm burnt sienna. Put in a loose grid dividing the canvas into thirds. I like to do this sometime especially when dealing with so much variety of forms. The palette is Vandyke brown, burnt sienna, ultramarine blue, terra verte, viridian green , alizarin crimson, cadmium red, yellow ochre, cadmium yellow, and titanium white. Using gamsol to loosely lay in the composition. Taking time to measure and finding angles and shapes first treating the picture format in a very flat two dimensional design. Next start to articulate shapes more closely and definign the light and dark patterns. Then start to address the local color in the flowrs and leaves and trying to relate to the warm/cool background.

Day 1.This painting has proven to be a real challenge. I am exhausted from it today. I am pleased with the results though and hope I can keep the “freshness” of the mark and not overwork areas.

Day 2. Continued developing the forms of the flowers and the leaves. Sadly the right two flowers are already changing and losing their form. I have decided to stay with the original draft of the flowers. The vase is now closer to the original local color of the plastic black vase. I wish I had used a different ornamental vase but who knows maybe a patterned vase would compete with the geranium.

Approximately three hours in early afternoon 12:00 – 3:00. Stop for a bite to eat and then lunch. Started working again for another two hours. Long day. That is the advantage of working inside the studio using a fixed artificial light, you can work for long hours without having a change in the light situation. I actually have a little outside light coming in from the window which is nice. Starting to really move along with the painting. Making adjustments to the drawing. Developing the local color. Paying close attention to the flowers as they will not remain the same for very long. This is the challenge when you paint flowers. The leaves on the other hand will retain their shape for much longer.

DAY 3: Continue to develop the painting. This is the hardest part of the painting. It is wear you make or break it. Time to slow down evaluate what is working and what is not working. I am especially conscious of the edges and trying not to have hard edges that do not flow through the work. I like the outer edges of the forms especially to blend into the background somewhat. I think this painting is finished.

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