More Roses

I am enjoying the challenge of painting roses. This painting is (16×20) and began as a plein air study and completed in the studio. It is a very special rosebush to me and I am so glad that it is thriving and blooming profusely.

This painting was begun outside then reworked in the studio. I was not pleased with the results and decided to take it back outside and of course the position of the roses had changed and there were many many more blooms. I reworked some in and also changed the original composition. I got rid of the white house which intrigued me at first but decided it just wasn’t fitting into the composition anymore. At this point the painting was very “spotty” darks and lights popping out at random with no real sense of light. The drama of the deep reds against the warm and cool leaves are a challenge I had to find one more good day to work on this painting. Hopefully, tommorrow I will be able to resolve many problems. .

“Claude’s Rosebush in Full Bloom” oil on linen (16×20)

Time to move away from this painting. I have worked on it for a week. Don’t want to overwork. I think the marks are still fresh and the drama of deep red roses against a plethora of warm and cool leaves. I will always cherish this rosebush that my dear son, Claude planted for me for Mother’s Day.

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