Down on the Eastern Shore

Traveling to Delaware to camp on the banks of the Indian River Outlet at the Delaware Seashore State Park. There are many opportunities to paint here. Lovely scenes along the river and my favorite painting along the shoreline and painting the seagrass and other plants.

Off to another favorite place, Assateaque Island State Park. It was a gorgeous Fall day and the weather couldn’t have been better. Not too hot or too cold. Bright and sunny with no flies or mosquitos. This scene is along the Sinepuxent Bay at the State Park Marina. The is the first little study. Beautiful blues and golds and lovely puffy clouds in the sky.

The next day I returned with a larger canvas. What a difference a day makes. The weather was equally beautiful but the sky was totally different as was the color of the water. There were absolutely no clouds like before. Because I was standing up this time my view was slightly different too. All these factors add up to some changes, which is fine. I did not want to completely try to replicate the little study.

“Afternoon Light on Sinepuxent Bay” oil on linen canvas (16×20)

Hang in there everyone. We will get through this pandemic!


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