Furry Comfort and Joy

Hello Everyone, I hope you are surviving the pandemic. Who would have ever thought it would last this long? Dr. Fauci warned us but it still seems like an eternity. This time last year I was planning my trip to Italy. I hope travel will happen again in the future but for now we must all stay home for the holidays. While in quarantine, treat yourself to a new art book.

“Painting the Woods” Nature, Memory and Metaphor by Deborah Paris who is an amazing tonalist painter in the tradition of George Inness. Paris relies on her powers of observation and memory for her work. The book details her acute methodology working from memory of Lennox Woods. To see more of her work/order the book please visit https://www.deborahparis.com/

NOVEMBER: We took a trip to Forney, Texas in our camper. We were not very far from Paris’ Lennox Woods. I wish I had read the book before the trip. I would have tried to visit. But visiting is prohibited now and not the best of time to travel during a pandemic but we are fully contained in the camper and did no socializing. We were on a mission to pick up our new puppy, Archibald (“Archie”) McMartin. We are just delighted to have this sweet little guy. He is very different from our dear Molly. Cairn terriers are full of energy especially at this age. It’s amazing how much “comfort and joy” one receives from a little bundle of fur. To read about our travels please visit my art blog: jeaneanpainter.com https://jeaneanpainter.com/2020/11/22/tennessee-and-arkansas/


DECEMBER is filled with anticipation for the not so big event. Unlike the many family gatherings of the past this Christmas will be very small. Only a few family members will attend. I must say the quarantine period has been unusual to say the least but I am willing to do my part and I hope you are too. We must be diligent and work together. To tell you the truth a painter’s life is pretty solitary anyway so we should all be getting alot of work done. right? Well, not necessarily. If only we could bottle up our negative emotions. With the advent of Christmas and a bright hopeful New Year 2021 and of course the development of the vaccine we should all be on our knees giving thanks and anticipating great things to come! So Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and whatever celebrations you and your family and friends enjoy. 2020 has been most strange and most tragic. Let’s be hopeful for a brighter 2021. Peace & Love Friends.

take care,


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