Anatomy of “The Yellow Vase with Geranium “

I love painting geraniums even when they are not in bloom. The leaves present ever changing patterns and interesting forms. For this set up I wanted to introduce an element of color. The yellow of the vase was a nice compliment to the warm reddish brown background and the yellow green leaves of the geranium. Even the white saucer that the vase sits on takes on a warm white value. I am using a limited palette again. I took the time to premix all major areas of color and find this helps quite alot to keep my colors clean.

Yellow Vase palette

Decided to “warm up” the background a bit and also the yellows of the vase needed higher chroma and lighter value. It is the subtle things that make a big difference. Re-examined the shapes of the leaves. They all have a very particular shape and movement. Yes, I mean move. Toward even the end of the day the leaves shift slightly following the light from the window.

“Yellow Vase with Geranium” oil on linen board (11×14)


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