This is my photo reference. The photograph is very green, not the colors I remember which were much warmer. So I will have to keep that in mind when mixing my colors. I am going to use a simple palette as usual but with a different kind of red instead of my usual cadmium red. I am using terra rosa for my red. The other colors are: ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, sap green, cadmium yellow medium, burnt sienna & white.

Working from a photo reference is always a daunting experience for me. This time I did not even have a color sketch or drawing. I am careful not to get hung up on “copying” the photo. My main goal is to try to put into paint my recollection of this beautiful delicate sycamore. The gorgeous autumnal colors and interesting reflections from the trees and clouds were important elements to this composition. The sycamore tree is centrally placed and when this happens it is always a challenge to make the rest of the design support this strong vertical. I used a loose “grid” to try to lock in key elements.

Delicate Sycamore reaching for the Sky” oil on linen panel (20 x24)

“Delicate Sycamore Reaching for the Sky ” (20×24). Oil on linen panel

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