Plein air Painting along the Canal at Pennyfield Lock #22

Pennyfield Lock House at Lock #22: In the 1870s, this was a very popular spot for many people including President Grover Cleveland, who would regularly visit Pennyfield to enjoy his favorite hobby of fishing. The Pennyfield’s ran a popular hotel accomodating travelers up and down the canal. Sadly the hotel fell into disrepair and was torn down but the charming lockhouse still stands. I would like to paint it someday.

It was a glorious September Day out on the C& O Canal. This little study was done in approximately one hour. Couldn’t take the bugs much longer as I was sitting right in a bushy area off to one side of the canal. You have to be careful on a Saturday as there are many bicyclist, birders and hikers on the trail. It was such a pretty day and I was enjoying the scenery so much I just kept walking. In fact, it took longer to walk to this spot then it did to paint. One thing you have to remember when you walk down the canal you will have to return the same way . There is no crossing the canal only at the lock stations and the next one up was three miles ahead. Sure did not want to do that carrying painting gear.

I made a decision to remove the vertical tree that was directly behind the large tree in front. I very rarely change from the optical image but in this case I did not think that vertical mass was working in the composition.

September trees on Violet’s Lock

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