Painting along the Maine Coast

So glad we found this incredible campsite called Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park. The campsites are spacious and many have water views. There are several very accessible hiking trails that are very well maintained. Just a few minutes from the busy shopping center in Freeport. There are 200-acres of marshes and beautiful open fields, water views everywhere to paint on the rocky coastline of Casco Bay and the Harrasseket River. This is an unusual working farm that also has an interactive educational program for children and adults. They grow many of the vegetables and fruit in their community garden. The staff is super friendly and helpful. Michelle and Kristen work wonders in the little cafe that serve nutricious and delicious meals like the delicious squash soup and tasty blueberry muffins we sampled for lunch. For breakfast we had a sinfully delicious homemade donut made with apple cider. The Dairy cows are organically raised and the milk is sold to Stoneyridge Farms for yogurt. Chickens run around free range and their are other farm animals like goats.

I have been painting all week, first a morning painting, then a bite to eat and then an evening painting. We are lucky it has been unseasonably warm this week. Near by is the Maritime Museum in Bath, well worth the $16 even though Mr. thrifty complained. A visit to the oldest lighthouse in Maine, the Portland Head Lighthouse in Portland. George Washington approved the construction. A great place to eat is at Becky’s Restaurant Cafe at 390 Commerce Street. Legend has it Becky was the unfortunate wife of an abuser husband. She left him, started her own business and each day he has to pass this successful business in his boat.

Most camping places close by Oct. 15th. Here are two of the paintings from Wolfe’s Neck. Next stop along the beautiful coastline is Southport and Boothbay.

“Evening on Casco Bay, Freeport, Maine” oil on linen canvas
“Wolfe’s Neck, swimming hole” oil on linen canvas
“Wolfe’s Neck study”

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