Maine Plein Air: Southport

THE MAINE HUG– The idea of the Maine trip was to hug the coastline. Travelling the South Coast, Mid Coast, DownEast Acadia and Sunrise Coast and to find as many paintable places to paint. Trust me, there  are many.  Everywhere you look is a gorgeous spot to paint.  New England in the Fall is spectacular. Maine is gorgeous right now. The trees are coming into color and the weather is crisp and clean. After planning art workshops for 10 years,  this little trip should have been a no brainer.  But my brain has been hurting trying to find just the right campgrounds that are even open this time of year.  Many places are closing soon by Oct.1- 15.  The weather has been unseasonably  warm but I think the cold front is moving in quickly especially in the evening.  Not sure how far north we will go. Still in the lovely South Port Maine.  Staying at Gray’s Homestead Ocean Camp.  It is primarily a “seasonal camp” these days with a few rental spaces for us thank goodness.  I wouldn’t mind staying here a few seasons.  They also have little cabins and a condo type residence.  Southport is charming .  I love it that this area is still a real fishing port and not just a commercial trap for people they are really trapping lobsters.  If you want to experience a real working wharf lobster you can sit on the deck at Robinson’s Restaurant, 20 Hendricks Hill Rd, Southport and watch the lobster boats bringing in their catches. We had the same experience just around the corner from the campground.  Every day we watched the watermen out in their boats hauling up the lobsters. They are such hardworking folks. 

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