MAINE: Southport and Boothbay

Boothbay is so charming.  Enjoyed the many little shops .  We needed to find a place to use wi-fi as Mr. Thrifty is too cheap to pay for it at the campground.  Stopped at the library but it was closed so I dashed into a nice gallery across the street.  The stop was so quick I forgot the name but I did not forget the friendly gallery sitter who informed me if I needed  Wi-fi to go around the corner to the Red Cup.  She said, “They have great coffee, wonderful chocolate “thingies” and the owner happens to be my son and he is a very nice young man and does not mind if you just hang out there.  So you should go”.  So we did. The lovely lady  was right the chocolate “thingie” (chocolate croissant) was delicious albeit the coffee a little weak. Eh, who mind’s weak when you are in a sweet, warm coffee shop, my favorite place to hang and catch up with everyone.

Close by is East Boothbay.  The scenery here is breathtaking but a real challenge to paint due to the high volume of wind today.  I managed to do one little painting here.  I managed to paint a morning and evening painting and surprisingly even made a sale.  Always good to rack up a little gas money. 

“East Boothbay” oil on linen panel

Still trying to economize by cooking, couldn’t pass up trying Bet’s Famous Fish Fry on Hwy. 27, Boothbay.  The haddock is caught by owner Bet Finocchiaro’s brother. Carl managed to eat the largest fish sandwich in the world.  Bet is another industrious lady who started this little roadside take away when she was just 16.  It has become a real landmark and people come around from far and wide for Bet’s Famous Fish Fry sandwiches.  Not sure what the secret batter is but one hint from Bet is to never wash the fish.  It will take the taste away. We came at 2:00 at closing on a Saturday and literally got the last sandwich.  I thought the man behind us was going to cry when he found out  that we got the last sandwich.  He eyed us menacingly as we walked to the parking lot.  I said to Carl quick jump in the truck, roll up the windows and lock the doors. This guy is seriously having a “big fish attack”.  As we greedily consumed our tasty fried fish I knew we could never eat these two humongous sandwiches.  What would I do with the leftovers?  I started having a “Bubba” moment from the movie Forest Gump.   I had visions of fish burritos for breakfast, fish tacos for lunch, fish chowder for dinner, fish dipped in hot sauce for late night snacks, fish for Molly, fish , fish, fish.  Nothing like Bet’s Fish Fry in Maine . 

“The Biggest fish fry sandwich ever”



  1. Funny fish story. Except maybe to the fish. Love the painting. Brave you. I’ve only been to Maine in nice warm July weather. Mainers think 50 is a heat spell.Adventure on! Lucky art buyer!


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