The Glorious Fallingwater


Day 2 of PA Trip: We visited “Fallingwater” the magnificent home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for a vacation home for the Edgar J. Kaufmann family owners of Pittsburgh’s largest department store. Wright developed a style known as the Prairie School The idea was to integrate the architecture into the surroundings. The buildings were single-story homes with low, pitched roofs and long rows of casement windows. They used only locally available materials and wood that was always unstained and unpainted, emphasizing its natural beauty. Not sure how that would hold up?

This is beautifully illustrated at Fallingwater with a waterfall built around it
I remember my Design teacher in College talking so exhuberently about Frank Lloyd Wright. It is hard to appreciate the sheer beauty and creativity of this magnificent structure in pictures. You must visit it in person.

“Wright’s reverence for the natural world became the cornerstone of his pioneering theories of “organic architecture” and would shape, define and enhance every project he approached for the rest of his life. Generations would hail Frank Lloyd Wright as a genius…one of the greatest architects who ever lived.”

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