BILGER’S ROCKS Located in the borough of Grampian, Pa “ Referred to by geologists as “Rock City,” Bilger’s Rocks is the more than 300 million year old result of a gradual “mountain slide” of mammoth rocks”.

This strange place is like nothing you could imagine. You must go there to experience these unusual rock croppings. It is truly  like entering an ancient world.  Moss, lichen  and strange looking trees growing around and clinging to the rocks look like creatures. Mountain laurel and rhododendrons form a lovely backdrop to the cold gray stones.  These ancient rock formations  served as shelter for Paleo-Indians thousands of years ago.  

 Upon entering this unusual rock landscape you will find winding walking paths with a little signage.  There are caves and nooks and crannies that you can enter if you dare and if you can fit. Some spaces are very tight.  I got wedged into a space and had to turn back.  I found a great spot to paint in one of these large nooks. My first reaction was , “This is great, no one around to bother me or during this time of covid , or infect me”. Five minutes later, after setting up my easel a couple burst into my space saying, “Hey, look there is an artist and she has her own office space.  The laughing continued to echo into the next cavern. My husband, Carl continued on the journey through the maze of rocks.


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