View from Swain’s Lock

I knew immediately this view would be wonderful to paint. I love the reflections in the water and the light coming through the trees. I started out with a small painting done on location. I was able to get a nice study completed in one sitting.

“Study for Swain’s Lock View”. (9×12)

This is the original study I did for Swain’s Lock view.

Going from a small 9×12 to a much larger size is a challenge. It feels very good to work larger on this piece. I pulled back the perspective to accommodate more of the water. As I said, I really enjoy showing the reflections. I am taking my time with the drawing especially of the rocks in the water. The left and right bottom corners I want to leave barely suggested so that your eye is pulled in to the center and up. Knowing the directional path of how the eye travels in the painting is so important. Otherwise, you just have a jumble of notes.

Second day on site loosely applying light washes of color
Starting a new larger painting
Stage Three. DETAIL Working on the value structure

Most of the major decisions have been made. I am happy with the composition and value assessment. I need to access the true local color now. Too much of the same overall dark value.

Stage Five: Bringing in more local color and lightening areas of light

Stage six: continuing to develop the overall painting. Assessing the color, value, hue and chroma.

Stage six: refining color. Redrawing some of the tree limbs

Stage seven: Very close to completion. I still want to take my time and not rush it. The left bottom corner desperately needs attention and the right bottom corner needs some refinement.

“View at Swain’s Lock” (18×24) oil on linen board.

Looking at it the next day, I think this painting is finally finished…….. I think. At least for now I feel like the main themes have been resolved.

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