View of the Potomac from Lock#8

Carl and Archie, my faithful companions.
Perfect Day on the River

I am pleased with the first small study so much so I decided to do another larger piece from the same area. I returned to this spot three different times The horizontal format allowed for inclusion of more trees, water reflections and the sandy beach. The choice of format determines greatly the outcome of the composition.

Each day was slightly different but not so different that it would affect the general look of the work. I started out with a loose “grisaille” to concentrate on the drawing and value. The next step was to concentrate on the local color. I used thin washes at first.

“View of the Potomac River from Lock#8” (18×24) oil on linen

I could probably work even longer on this painting continuing the refining process but I want to leave some areas suggested instead of every form articulated especially in the foreground sandy beach area. If I were to add more and more detail in that area it would start to upstage the distant trees which are the stars of the painting. So I will stop here.

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