Anatomy of an Aspen Tree

I have always wanted to paint the gorgeous Aspen trees and camping at Bridger-Teton National forest in Wyoming, I had a great opportunity. I did a small plein air sketch and then I decided to do a larger piece in the studio based on the sketch.

Plein air sketch
Finished Plein air Sketch for Two Aspens. (11×14). oil on linen board

Back home in the Studio.

Studio Set up.

You can see the small plein air study as a refrence and I also have a photograph image. The challenge is to keep the freshness of the sketch and the natural color.

Almost finished, addition of top branches
Getting close to completion

Time to stop. I feel like the finished work has everything that is needed.

“Aspens, Bridger-Teton National Forest, WY” . oil on linen board


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